Social LeadGen

We don’t just give you leads, we establish relationships

Social LeadGen is an outsourced lead-generation service that uses ComLinked’s social connections to generate a monthly stream of pre-qualified leads without using telemarketing, email marketing, or content marketing. We find the right decision makers and identify companies interested in your products and services – it’s that simple.


Save Time

Save Time

We understand that it takes time to find and nurture your social media connections in order to get results. Social LeadGen does the heavy lifting for you.

Lower Costs

Save Money

Hiring full-time lead-generation resources can be expensive. Social LeadGen is a scalable, outsourced solution that will significantly reduce your costs.

Increase ROI

Increase ROI

Social LeadGen gets you actual sales results for your marketing dollars. Our targeted approach uses ComLinked’s social network, resulting to higher close rates.

How It Works


Getting Started

Provide us with a background on your company, your products and services and the goals and target market of your lead generation campaign.


Engage and Qualify

We then develop a customized pitch and start mining ComLinked’s B2B social connections to engage the right companies and identify opportunities.


Close Deals

Once we qualify interested companies, we connect you directly with the decision makers for your Sales team to close the opportunity.


David Winterhalter
"ComLinked’s Social LeadGen service delivered 780% ROI within 30 days of the campaign.  It is a unique service using social connections to deliver pre-qualified leads from companies genuinely interested in our software."
David Winterhalter, VP of Marketing, Centage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discovering the Social LeadGen Difference

How is ComLinked’s Social LeadGen different from other lead-generation programs?

ComLInked’s Social LeadGen is unique in the market due to the following key features:

  • We use only social connections to find companies interested in your products and services. We do not use telemarketing, email marketing, or content marketing to generate our leads.
  • We use ComLinked’s social connections both in ComLinked and in LinkedIn – to find net new customers for you. If a company in your target market is not an existing connection, we will establish that connection.
  • Unlike other social lead-generation programs that attempt to create demand for your products and services, we actually present your solution to your target market and forward a lead to you only once it has been qualified as genuinely interested in your products and services.

How is Social LeadGen different from a telemarketing lead-generation campaign?

First, Social LeadGen does not use telephone calls to find companies interested in your solution. Everything is done by one-on-one email communication through our social connections. Second, we include the actual conversation thread from the lead, indicating their interest, instead of a summary of the phone conversation written from an agent’s interpretation of the conversation. This is a major difference that contributes to higher close rates since you can actually see how the lead evolved, providing a smoother transition when we hand off the lead to your Sales team to follow up.

Do you communicate by telephone with potential leads?

We do not use the phone in any of our communication with potential leads. All communications are conducted exclusively through one-on-one email, documenting the interest of the lead. When we pass that lead on to your Sales team, the ensuing follow-up will be seamless and you have the context of how the lead was generated since it will include the full email thread.

Generating Your Leads

How do you define a “lead”?

We define a lead as a company that has indicated that they are interested in a demo of your products and services or that they are interested in receiving more information about your products and services. At this point we have already presented your company and solution and the lead has indicated that they are interested in taking the next step. We pass that on to your Sales team to follow up and close the opportunity.

What social media platforms does ComLinked use to generate its leads?

ComLinked uses the LinkedIn and ComLinked exclusively to find the right companies interested in your products and services. You get the best of both platforms in finding the right profile of your target companies.

What if I am not satisfied with a lead?

We try to qualify each lead as much as possible but there is no guarantee that every lead will turn into a sale. Should you feel that a lead is not valid; we will replace it and not count it towards our campaign target for the month.

Understanding the Social LeadGen Campaign

How does a Social LeadGen campaign work?

First, you provide us some background information about your company, your products and services, and your target market. From there, we develop a customized pitch and start data mining our social connections to engage the companies that may be interested in your solution. We then start presenting your solutions to those target companies throughout the campaign. Finally, once we find and qualify interested companies, we forward the leads for your Sales team to follow up and close the opportunity.

What documents do I need to complete to start a campaign?

There are two documents that you must complete to start a campaign:

Project Brief: This document describes your products and services, your target market, and your key value proposition. Based on this information, we create a customized pitch for the campaign that we will use to present your company to your target market.

Terms of Services: This document describes the terms and conditions of the campaign. It also includes the Work Order section that details the campaign specifics and pricing.

How long is a typical Social LeadGen campaign?

A typical Social LeadGen campaign lasts 30 days. However, when starting with the Social LeadGen services, we suggest a 90-day campaign to accurately determine the number of leads that can be generated on a monthly basis. You can always cancel after each 30-day segment if you are not satisfied with the results.

What is the typical ramp-up timeline during a campaign and when do I start receiving leads?

It usually takes a week prior to the start of a campaign for all the paperwork and data mining research to be done before the campaign can commence. Once the campaign has started, it usually takes an additional week for you to start receiving leads. You will receive leads throughout the 30-day campaign as they are generated.

Approximately how many leads can I expect to generate in a campaign?

Each campaign is different with different target markets and different objectives, so the number of leads we can generate in a 30-day campaign varies from one campaign to another. However, a good campaign could generate an average of 8–10 qualified leads per campaign, depending on the size of the target market and the value proposition of your products and services.

When can I terminate a campaign?

Social LeadGen provides great flexibility to ensure that it is delivering the maximum results for you. You can terminate at the end of each 30-day campaign.

Finding Your Targets

Can I use the Social LeadGen campaign for consumer or B2C targets?

No. Social LeadGen is specifically designed for businesses selling to other businesses or B2B companies.

Can I use Social LeadGen to generate leads for my company locations outside of North America?

Social LeadGen is effective in generating leads for any English-speaking country in the world.

Does Social LeadGen work for any industry and any size of company?

Yes. Social LeadGen can work for any company in any industry looking for an innovative and cost-effective way to generate net new leads for their products and services.

Can I use Social LeadGen to recruit channel resellers?

Yes. Social LeadGen can be used to recruit channel partners as well as customers across all industries.

Getting Results

What is the Social LeadGen pricing model?

The pricing model is based on a monthly subscription fee to execute your lead-generation campaign for 30 days. We do not offer a cost per lead model. Please contact for pricing.

What is the average ROI on the Social LeadGen campaigns?

The average ROI on our campaigns varies by campaign and by customer, since they have different Sales structures to follow up on the leads that we forward to them. However, at a minimum we are aiming for a return of at least 3 times your investment, with many companies realizing significantly higher ROIs on their specific campaigns. We are focused on the quality of leads as much as on the number of leads, since the true measure of a successful campaign is higher close rates and ROI.

Is Social LeadGen scalable if I want to use it to generate a high number of leads each month?

Campaigns are scalable to generate as many leads as your team can handle per month, depending on the capacity of your Sales team to follow up on the pre-qualified leads that we forward to you throughout the month.

Do you guarantee the number of leads generated in a campaign?

We do not guarantee that a specific number of leads will be generated in any 30-day campaign. The number of leads will depend on the compelling value proposition of the product/service and the size of the target market. In general, a campaign should be able to generate an average of 8–10 qualified leads per month, and in most cases even more.

What information is included when you pass on the lead?

Each lead will include the following information:

  • Contact Name
  • Job Title
  • Email Address
  • Company Name
  • Company Website
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Company Size
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact LinkedIn Profile
  • Agent Name
  • Lead Communication Thread

How can I test the Social LeadGen services?

For first time clients only, we are offering a 30-day trial period where you can try the service for a discount. Available one time only, you can test the quality of the leads and your close rates. At the end of the 30 days, you can decide to continue with our monthly program or to stop, so there is no risk for you to try it.

Please contact if you are interested in the trial program.