Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions our customers have asked us about ComLinked and our Services.

Comlinked FAQs

  • General
    What is ComLInked?

    ComLinked is a business-for -business networking platform for companies to find new customers and partners by connecting and linking their business profiles to other companies, both locally and globally. Connections are established at the company level, unlike with other social media sites such as LinkedIn, where connections are made at the individual level. Connections are maintained by the company even when their employees leave the company or change jobs.

    What types of companies can register at ComLinked?

    Companies across all industries and verticals can register with and use the ComLinked platform. Currently more than 20 industries are represented in ComLinked, representing the full range of company sizes, from SMBs to enterprise-level.

    How do I recover my password?

    If you ever lose or forget your ComLinked password, it’s easy to recover it. Just go to the main ComLinked login page, click the “Forgot Password?” link, and follow the simple instructions.

    What if I forget the email address that I used to register a profile?

    If you forget the email address that you used to register your ComLinked profile, then just send an email to to inform us, and we’ll take care of everything.

  • Profile
    Can I see other companies in ComLinked if I do not have a profile?

    Yes. If you have the link for a registered company profile on ComLinked, you can access that link to view the company profile. However, you cannot actually search for companies unless you have a profile yourself.

    What are the logo requirements for my profile?

    You can upload JPG, GIF, or PNG image files for your ComLinked profile.

    What if my profile is incomplete?

    If your ComLinked company profile is not fully completed, you won’t be able to take full advantage of ComLinked’s features. When you have a complete and detailed profile, you ensure that you will get the right suggested connections, thus improving your chances of finding the right opportunities through the platform. In addition, by having a complete profile, you guarantee that you will receive relevant publications and notifications in your inbox.

    Can I register more than one company location?

    Absolutely. When you set up your ComLinked profile, you designate one company location as your primary. After that, you can add secondary locations as well.

    Can I include my social media links in my profile?

    Yes. You can include all your social media links, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Just log in to your account and go to the Profiles tab to add your links.

    How do I publish my new ComLinked profile on my social media sites?

    It’s easy to publish your ComLinked profile on your social media sites. All you have to do is copy the link from the Profile page of your ComLinked account (e.g., and share it on any of your social media sites.

    How do I delete my profile?

    If for some reason you want to delete your ComLinked profile, just send an email request to, and we’ll take care of that for you.

    How do I make changes to my profile?

    Once your profile is set up, you can go back and modify it at any time. For example, you might want to change your number of employees, modify your list of products and services, or update your company’s certifications. All you have to do is log in to your ComLinked profile as administrator and make the changes you require.

  • Comlinked Users
    What is an Admin?

    An Admin user has full access to all aspects of your ComLinked profile. An Admin should a person in your company that can represent the you on the ComLinked network. For example, this could be the owner of a small or medium sized business or a Marketing representative from a larger enterprise.

    Can I delete or change Admins?

    Yes. You can have multiple Admins for your ComLinked account, and you can change or delete Admins whenever you wish.

    What is an Authorized User?

    An Authorized User is any company employee that you would like to grant access to your ComLinked profile. Authorized Users have more limited access to ComLinked functionalities than do Admins.

    How many Authorized Users can I add?

    There is currently no limit to the number of Authorized Users you can add to your ComLinked Account.

  • Connections
    What does “Search Displays” indicate?

    This indicates the number of times your profile has appeared in the search results of other companies with ComLinked profiles.

    What does “Profile Views” indicate?

    This indicates the number of times your profile has been viewed by other companies with ComLinked profiles.

    Will I get notified if anything changes in the profiles of my connections?

    Yes. In ComLinked, click the Dashboard tab and scroll down to the Network Updates section. Here, you will see notifications of any changes made to your connections’ profiles, e.g., when they have made new connections, updated their profile information, or published articles.

    What are “Suggested Connections”?

    Suggested Companies are those companies that ComLinked thinks you would like to connect to, based on all the details you provided in your profile and they provided in theirs. The ComLinked algorithm works on the basis of physical proximity, the industry specified, profile completeness, and products and services offered.

    How do I request a connection with another company?

    There are several ways to make a connection request in your ComLinked account:

    • You can use the Search field to search for a company by name or industry, and then click the Invite to Network button on their Business Card.
    • You can click on Profile Views at the top of your Dashboard, and then click the Connect button on their Business Card.
    • In the Suggested Connections section of your Dashboard, just click the Connect button on the Business Card of the company you want to connect with.
    • In fact, any other area where you see a Business Card, you can click the Connect button to request a connection with that company.
    How does the company get notified of my request for a connection?

    When you make a request to connect with another company with a ComLinked profile, your company Business Card will be sent to the company. Once they receive your Business Card, they can view you profile and decide whether or not to connect.

    Will I get notified if a company accepts my request for connection?

    Yes. When a company accepts your connection request, you will receive both an email and a ComMail notification.

    How do I know which companies I have sent connection requests to?

    On the ComMail page, click on the Invitations Sent link. All companies that have yet to accept your connection request will be listed here, along with the status Pending Request.

    How do I remove an existing connection?

    On your Connections tab, click on the company name on the Business Card of the connection you want to remove. This takes you to the profile of that company. Once you are there, just click on the Remove button on their business card. This will also remove the company from your Suggested Connections and prevent them from appearing in your Search results.

    Will a company be notified if I remove them as a connection?

    No. A company is not notified if another company removes them as a connection.

    What does Cancel Request mean?

    If you have sent a connection request that has not been accepted yet, you might decide to revoke the invitation. To do so, go to the Invitations Sent section of ComMail, find the Pending Connection you want to cancel, and click on Cancel Request.

    What company information can I include when I use the Search feature?

    You can include a variety of search parameters, including business name, industry, location, and products and services. The more information you include in the search, the more precise the results will be.

    Can I filter the search results?

    Yes. You can filter your search results by industry and location. Just use the navigation on the left side of the Search Result page to select which industries and locations you want to view results for.

  • ComMail
    Does ComLinked have its own email platform?

    Yes. ComLinked has its own email platform, called ComMail. You access ComMail by clicking on the Inbox icon at the top right of your ComLinked page.

    Can I send a ComMail message to a company that I am not connected to?

    No. You can send ComMail messages only to your ComLinked connections.

    How do I send an email to a specific person in my business connections?

    It’s easy to send a ComMail message to a specific person.

    1. Go to ComMail in your ComLinked profile.

    2. Click the New ComMail button

    3. Click in the Company Name field and select a company from the dropdown list.

    4. Select a ComMail recipient from the Recipient Name dropdown list, which is populated once you have selected a company.

    5. Type your message.

    6. Click the Send button.

    Can I send an email to more than one person within a company or to multiple companies at the same time?

    No. Currently, you can send a ComMail email to only one person at a time.

    Can I attach files to my ComMail messages?

    No. At this time you cannot add attachments to your ComMail messages.

    Can I send an email to an external email address through my ComMail?

    No. At this time you cannot send ComMail messages to external email addresses. However, when you send a ComMail message to another ComLinked member, this triggers a notification that is sent to the external email address registered with their ComLinked account.

  • Publications
    What is a publication?

    As a ComLinked member, you can write and publish articles about subjects that are of interest to you and that are related to your business expertise or area of influence. You can write your content in draft mode, working on the content until you are satisfied that it is ready for viewing by others. Then, you can publish it.

    • Publish it to your own ComLinked Library – In your Library, it will be visible to anyone who views your ComLinked business profile.
    • Publish it as a network update – As a part of your network update, the publication will be pushed to the Dashboard of all your ComLinked connections.

    What is a network update?

    When you are logged in to your ComLinked account, you can view profile activity and updates from your connections, pushed to your Dashboard in real time. For example, when one of your connections modifies their profile or updates their company’s products or services, this is pushed to you as an update. In the same way, when one of your connections publishes an article as a network update, you will immediately be able to view that publication in the network updates section of your Dashboard.

    How long can my publication be?

    Your article can be as long as 200,000 characters. Bear in mind that this is equal to about 40,000 words, or 160 typed, double-spaced printed pages, so it’s not likely that your publication will be anywhere near that long, but your creativity definitely won’t be stifled due to lack of space. Note that your publication title can have up to 100 characters.

    Some blogging experts advise that a good length for an online article maxes out at about 1500 words, so you can use this as a rule of thumb.

    How do I publish an article with my ComLinked account?

    It’s easy to write and publish an article in ComLinked.

    1. Once you’ve logged in to ComLinked, click the My Publications tab near the top of the page.

    2. Click the New Article button.

    3. Add a compelling graphic. The graphic will be the initial focal point of your publication, and probably the first thing viewers will view and notice.

    4. Enter the title of your publication (maximum of 100 characters).

    5. Write the text for your publication. The ComLinked template provides you with some basic formatting tools for fonts and paragraphs, and you can also add hyperlinks and additional graphics.

    6. You can save a draft if you want to come back and work on your publication further before publishing it.

    7. Add tags to your article. This will help your article to be easily searchable.

    8. Publish your article … whether to your own Publication library only, or to the network updates of your connections.

    That’s it! You’re a published ComLinked contributor.

    Why do I need tags for my publication?

    Tags act like filters for you when you are viewing your publications. For example, if you tagged several articles with “Marketing”, then you could select Marketing as a filter on your My Publications tab. ComLinked would display only those articles containing that tag.

    Who sees my publications?

    When you publish an article to your own ComLinked Library, that publication is visible only to those who come to view your ComLinked business profile.

    On the other hand, when you publish an article as a network update, that publication will be pushed to all your ComLinked connections. The next time they log in to ComLinked and view their Dashboard, they will see right away that you have published a new article.

    Can I edit a publication once it has been published?

    Yes. You can always edit a publication even after you have published it.

    1. In ComLinked, click the My Publications tab near the top of the page. A list of your publications will be displayed.

    2. Click the Edit Article link for the publication you want to edit.

    3. Modify any aspect of the article you wish, including any text, graphics, formatting, and hyperlinks.

    4. Once you are satisfied with the content, publish your article again.

    NOTE: If you have already published an article, your newly edited version will be pushed to your connections as a new item.

    Can I add a video to my publication?

    No. You cannot add a video directly to your ComLinked publication. However, you can easily add a link to a video. Your readers can click on your link to access the video in its hosted space.

    Can I delete a publication?

    Yes. You can delete a publication from your ComLinked account.

    1. In ComLinked, click the My Publications tab near the top of the page. A list of your publications will be displayed.

    2. Click the Edit Article link for the publication you want to delete.

    3. In editing mode, click the Delete button near the bottom of the article.

    That’s it. The publication has been removed from your library and will no longer be visible to people viewing your ComLinked account. Also, it will no longer be visible in the newsfeeds of your ComLinked connections.

    What advice does ComLinked have for writing quality publications?

    Publications are a great way to make yourself known in the ComLinked community by sharing your unique experience, wisdom, vision, and insight. Become a leader and influencer by writing about subjects that directly affect your enterprise, or about topics that you think will shed light on issues you and your connections might encounter in your respective fields.

    A great way to begin is to write a publication about important trends in your field of business. Here are a few tips to get you started:

    • Write about subjects you know, and that are relevant to your industry.
    • Share your opinions. You are an SME and others will benefit from hearing what you have to say.
    • Be focused – publish sharp content while keeping the attention of your readers.
    • Upload relevant and eye-catching graphics for your publications. You want to grab the attention of your prospective readers.
    • Publish often. Every time you have a good idea, write it up and publish it. Your connections will be more aware of your ComLinked presence and you will build your credibility and reputation as an expert in your field.
    • Make sure you edit your copy well before you publish it. Once it’s out there, it’s out there!

    Remember – Publications are not a sales pitch for your business or a way to solicit customers. Also, ComLinked administrators review publications to vet for unacceptable language and tone.

  • Mobile
    Do I need a ComLinked account in order to use the mobile app?

    Yes. You need to have a ComLinked company profile to be able to use the functionalities of the ComLinked mobile app. You can set up an account either through your mobile device or through your desktop.

    Can I set up a ComLinked account using the mobile app?

    You can set up an account on ComLinked’s web site, either from your desktop or using your mobile device. However, you cannot set up an account using ComLinked’s mobile app – to use the mobile app you must already have a ComLinked account set up.

    What types of companies are being suggested on the Dashboard?

    The Dashboard suggests ComLinked companies for you to connect with based on common business profile elements, e.g., location, industry, and existing shared connections, increasing the probability that you are more likely to have common business interests with these companies.

    How do I connect with companies in the Dashboard?

    If you are interested in a company suggested on the Dashboard, just swipe left to see the options to Connect or Skip. If you choose Connect, a connection request will be sent to that company and you will receive a confirmation message once the request has been accepted. If you choose Skip, that company will not be suggested again as a connection.

    What type of companies do I see under Connections?

    The Connections feature displays companies with which you already have existing connections, sorted alphabetically. You can message them directly.

    What does it mean to "connect" with companies?

    When you request a connection with another company, their administrative users will receive a message that you are requesting a connection, at which point they either accept or decline your connection request. If the other company accepts your connection request, you will be notified and both your company profiles will be linked. You can then start sending ComMail directly through the Messages tool to all the authorized users in your company connection.

    When I remove a connection on the Connections tab, is the company completely removed from my ComLinked account?

    Yes. If you opt to remove a company on the Connections tab of the mobile app, that company will be removed from your ComLinked account. If you log in to your account using your desktop, you will no longer see that company in your Connections.

    What does the Discovery feature do and how do I activate it?

    The Discovery feature enables you to see ComLinked companies within proximity of your location. If a contact person from your company connection is within 3 miles/5 kilometers of your location, their company profile will show the number of contacts “nearby”. Once you click on the company profile, you will see which contact person is near you and their distance from you. If you are interested in connecting with companies within your proximity, you can then request a connection and, once accepted, follow up with a ComMail to arrange a meeting. To activate the Discovery feature, on your device, go to your Settings and enable the Location feature for you to be discovered.

    You may see some of the distances as “unknown”, which means that the contact person has not downloaded the ComLinked mobile app yet or has not enabled their location on their mobile device.

    What type of companies do I see under Discovery?

    The Discovery feature displays ComLinked companies that you are currently not connected with but that are within your proximity, listed in order of increasing distance. These companies will be visible to you only if they have downloaded the ComLinked mobile app and the Location feature on their mobile device is activated. Otherwise, their proximity will be shown as Unknown. To see the proximity of your existing connections, go to your Connections tab.

    How do I send ComMail messages to my connections via my mobile app?

    You can send a ComMail message to your connections two ways.

    First, in the Connections tool, find the company that you want to send a message to, select their profile, select Message, and then select the contact person within the company.

    Second, in the Messages tool, select the Message icon at the top right, select the profile of the company that you want to send a message to, and then select the contact person within the company.

    ComMail that you send through the mobile app will be synchronized with your desktop account. The messages will have “Mobile Message” as the Subject line.

    Do my mobile app messages synch with my ComLinked Web account?

    Yes. Messages that you send and receive in your mobile app are synchronized with your ComLinked Web account in real time.

    What does it mean when I see Unknown beside a person’s name?

    When a ComLinked user has not activated the Location feature for ComLinked on their mobile device, their physical proximity to you cannot be calculated. In this case, Unknown is displayed until they activate it.

Services FAQs

  • The Social LeadGen Difference
    What is Social LeadGen?

    Social LeadGen is “lead-generation as service” that takes over the time-consuming tasks of finding, prospecting, and qualifying potential customers that are interested in your products and services. We do all the work of profiling your target customer, presenting your products and service and then forwarding to you only the companies that are interested in finding out more about your products and services. This frees up significant time and resources for your sales team to focus only on closing opportunities instead of prospecting, which is a very ineffective use of your sales team’s time and skills.

    How is ComLinked’s Social LeadGen different from other lead-generation programs?

    Social LeadGen is unique in the market because we use only social connections to find companies interested in your products and services, which is more effective and accurate. We do not use telemarketing, email marketing or content marketing as part of our process but rather one-to- one introduction of your products and services to your target customers.

    What platforms does Social LeadGen use to generate its leads?

    Social LeadGen uses both ComLinked and LinkedIn databases, which have a combined membership of approximately 450 million users, to find target companies interested in your products and services. Due to the size of the databases, we are able to consistently find and segment our client’s target market by industry, company size, geography, and title.

    How is Social LeadGen different from a telemarketing lead-generation campaign?

    Since Social LeadGen uses customized social InMail communication instead of telephone calls, the actual InMail conversation thread is documented, indicating the lead’s interest, instead of only a summary of the phone conversations written from an agent’s interpretation. This major difference contributes to higher close rates with less miscommunication and you actually see in print how the lead evolved, providing a smoother transition when we hand off the lead to your Sales team to follow up.

    Do you communicate at all by telephone?

    No. All communications are conducted exclusively through one-on- one InMail, documenting the interest of the lead and how the interest of the lead develops. When we pass that lead on to your Sales team, it will include the profile of the contact person interested in your products and services and the InMail thread of the conversation, resulting in a seamless transition to your Sales team.

    Do you set call appointments with the potential leads?

    Yes. In cases where the lead has indicated they are available on a specific date and time, we will set up the appointment for a call and forward the information to the client.

  • Generating Your Leads
    How do you define a “lead”?

    We define a lead as a company interested in receiving more information about your products and services or interested in a demo of your products and services. At this point we have already presented your company and your solution to the lead, who has indicated that they are interested in taking the next step. The clarity of the lead’s intention to move forward after understanding your company’s value proposition results in a more qualified lead and higher close rates.

    Do you replace a lead?

    We try to qualify each lead as much as possible, but in the rare case where the lead does not meet the campaign criteria, we will replace it and not count it towards your campaign target.

  • Understanding the Social LeadGen Campaign
    How does a Social LeadGen campaign work?
    • To start, you provide us some background information about your company, your products and services, and your target market.
    • We then develop a customized pitch and start data mining our social connections to engage the companies based on your target market criteria.
    • We will send you the list of target companies for our approval and once you approve, we start presenting your solutions to those target companies throughout the campaign.
    • Once we find and qualify interested companies, we forward the leads for your Sales team to follow up and close the opportunity.

    What do I need to complete to start a campaign?

    There are two documents that you must complete to start a campaign:

    • Project Brief: This document describes your products and services, your target market, and your key value proposition. Based on this information, we create a customized pitch for the campaign that we will use to present your company to your target market.
    • Terms of Services: This document describes the terms and conditions of the campaign, and includes the Work Order with campaign specifics.

    How long is a typical Social LeadGen campaign?

    A typical Social LeadGen campaign lasts 30 days. However, we suggest a minimum of 90 days to accurately determine the average number of leads that can be generated monthly. During that period, we will do A/B testing to determine the most effective message.

    The program is also designed to incorporate Social LeadGen as part of your Sales process. We have clients that have signed annual agreements where they receive a monthly stream of leads that their Sales team can follow up with and close.

    What is the typical ramp-up timeline during a campaign and when do I start receiving leads?

    It usually takes a week for all the paperwork and data mining research to be done before the campaign can start. Once initiated, it usually takes an additional week for you to start receiving leads. You will receive leads throughout the 30-day campaign as they are generated.

    Is there an industry that has been successful with Social LeadGen?

    Social LeadGen can be used by all sizes of companies and all types of industries, provided their target is B2B. Technology companies in particular tend to have good success with the program.

  • Getting Results
    What is the Social Lead Gen pricing model?

    The pricing model is based on a monthly subscription fee for executing the lead-generation campaign for 30 days. Please contact for pricing.

    Is Social LeadGen scalable if I want to use it to generate a large number of leads each month?

    Campaigns are scalable for you to generate as many leads as your team can handle per month, depending on the capacity of your Sales team to follow up on the leads that we forward to you throughout the month.

    How can I test the Social LeadGen services?

    For first-time clients, we offer a 30-day trial period during which you can try the service at a discounted rate. Available one time only, you can test the quality of the leads and your close rates. At the end of the 30 days, you can decide to continue with our monthly program or to stop, so there is no risk for you to try it. Please contact if you are interested in the trial program.

  • VSA & VBOA Frequently Asked Questions
    What is the difference between the VSA and the VBOA?

    The Virtual Sales Assistant (VSA) is an outsourced sales and marketing resource that can perform a variety of customer-facing functions, including “voice” calls to target customers and partners. The Virtual Back Office Assistant (VBOA), on the other hand, is an outsourced administrative resource that can perform a variety of back-office functions and does not include “voice” calls, either outbound or inbound.

    What functions can the VSA and the VBOA perform for my business?
    Virtual Sales Assistant Virtual Back Office Assistant
    Event Boosting CRM Cleanup
    Outbound Sales Calls Social Media Support
    Inbound Support Calls Contract Processing
    Lead-Generation Calls Database Management
    Product/Service Promotion Data Entry
    Appointment Setting Forms Processing
    Market Research Electronic Filing
    Surveys Claims Submission
    Tradeshow Follow-Up Transcriptions
    Account Management Content Writing

    What is the cost of the VSA and the VBOA?

    Generally, the monthly cost of a Virtual Sales Assistant (VSA) and Virtual Back Office Assistant (VBOA) is at least 50% less than an equivalent full-time resource with similar skill set. For more information on the monthly cost, please contact

    How long can I hire a VSA or VBOA?

    One of the primary advantages of hiring a VSA or a VBOA is the flexibility to utilize the service either month to month as your business needs it or on a more long-term basis to help your business through its growth and expansion, without additional headcount.

    Is the VSA and the VBOA a full-time or part-time resource?

    The VSA and the VBOA are full-time monthly resources that will work the same office hours as your business. They generally work 40 hours a week and 22 working days each month, depending on the month. If you need a part-time resource, please contact

    Will I get a chance to interview the VSA and the VBOA candidates?

    Yes. You will have the opportunity to interview the VSA and VBOA candidates to decide if they are the right fit for your business needs.

    Can we direct and manage the VSA and the VBOA

    The VSA and the VBOA are extensions of your business, except at a different location. Therefore, you will be able to manage their activities and set their goals and objectives on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to meet your business needs. The VSA and VBOA can work fully independently, with only the interaction and supervision that you prefer.

    Can I hire multiple VSAs and VBOAs?

    Yes. You can hire as many VSAs and VBOAs as your business needs to support its growth plans.

    What is the ramp-up period when hiring a VSA or a VBOA?

    It generally takes two weeks of preparation to get these resources up and running – one week to find the right candidate and another week for training. Training is to be provided by the client and the training period can be modified depending on the client’s requirements.

    What do I need to complete to hire a VSA or a VBOA?

    There are two documents that you must complete to hire a VSA or a VBOA:

    • Project Brief: This document describes the details about the service you would like the VSA or VBOA to perform, including some background information about your company. Based on this information, we find the right candidate that would be suited for your requirements.
    • Terms of Services: This document describes the terms and conditions of the engagement, including the Work Order specifics.
    How can I try a VSA or a VBOA?

    For first-time clients only, we offer a 30-day trial period during which you can try the service at a discounted rate. At the end of the 30 days, you can decide to continue with our monthly program or to stop, so there is no risk for you to try it. Please contact if you are interested in the trial program.