About Us

The ComLinked team is comprised of seasoned Fortune 100 professionals with diverse business and technology backgrounds who are all passionate about realizing the promise of a truly global network of connected companies.

About Comlinked

ComLinked is an intelligent B4B networking platform that revolutionizes how companies find, connect to, and engage with other businesses by linking profiles. Using artificial intelligence, ComLinked matches companies to their ideal business partners and customers, resulting in a linked network of business connections that dynamically communicate and engage with one another.

Companies generate interest and demand for their products and services by using their profiles to publish articles that appear as network updates to their connections. The result is a global ecosystem of companies that connect and engage with business customers and partners efficiently, intelligently and cost- effectively.

Our Mission

ComLinked’s mission is to help the 200+ million companies around the world to grow their companies by easily and cost-effectively finding and connecting to new customers and partners both locally and globally. We fulfill this by creating an intelligent platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to match optimal companies to one another and social features that drive efficiency and scale in the global partnering process.