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It Is All About Business … For Business

ComLinked is different from any other network and social platform because it is built to link businesses, not just individuals. When companies are linked through the platform, connections and engagements between companies are more collaborative, social and intelligent.

Accelerate Sales Cycle

Quickly connect to thousands of your target business customers and qualify business opportunities.

Lower Acquisition Costs

Set up a business profile in minutes and start finding business opportunities locally and globally.

Connect from Anywhere

Stay in touch with your connections even when on the go by using the mobile app to view which ones are within your proximity.

Generate Demand

Create interest for your products and services by publishing articles that appear as network feeds to all your connections.

Nurture Leads

Connect with companies viewing your profile, your articles and searching for your products and services.

How It Works

ComLinked features are built to enhance business-for-business engagement, making it easy, intuitive and intelligent.

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  • ComLinked suggests ideal businesses to link up with using artificial intelligence.
  • Send and accept connection request to/from interesting companies to grow your network and explore opportunities.
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  • Communicate with the right decision makers in your connections through the ComMail email system.
  • Through the mobile app, discover which of your connections are within proximity when you are on the go.
  • Be introduced to potential business customers and partners through mutual connections.
Illustration engage d407b34b0063efec0e52da9d425d9d332d21f8f8c96edebeb6a4f047d0873485
  • Connect with companies viewing your profile and articles to qualify interest.
  • Publish articles to create demand and interest from your connections.
  • Comment and like articles published by your connections to nurture relationships.

Our Services

For businesses looking for assistance in lead generation, social media and back-office support to grow their businesses, ComLinked offers cost-effective services on a monthly subscription model.

Illustration sl cd18d5f972d400dce19d7ec4b009e11fdf1efd4a73f9708941e01d7ae53361fd
Social LeadGen

A “lead generation as a service” that leverages ComLinked’s database and social connections to provide a monthly stream of qualified business leads interested in your products and services.

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Illustration vsa 871b851e119dc0ac4b4bea4b5e456d044b6869b74bc736eadb03aed790855d96
Virtual Sales Assistant

A full-time outsourced sales and marketing resource that can perform and execute on your sales/marketing campaigns and lead generation programs.

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Virtual Back Office Assistant

A full-time outsourced administrative resource that can assist with time-consuming back-office tasks and activities to support your growing business.

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